Moisture Facts

Sometimes experience is the best teacher. Our experience with moisture have allowed us to gather a few facts.

Fact One:
If there is enough moisture present within the structure to cause visible problems, there is a source of water intrusion.

Fact Two:
Duct work does NOT make water, therefore should not be considered a source.

Fact Three:
Introducing warm moist air underneath the floor (fan) may hurt more than it helps.

Fact Four:
Beware of folks who are quick to think they see the problem. You must do a thorough investigation when moisture is a problem. If someone diagnosis the problem without going into your attic, under your floor, and maybe even the roof, you would be better off considering someone else to help you.

Fact Five:
Structures with excessive moisture problems will most likely have at least one of the following problems;

    • Plumbing Leak
    • No rain gutters
    • Ground around foundation higher than ground level under the floor
    • Ground around foundation not sloping properly
    • Shrub or flower bed next to foundation capturing water
    • Concrete or rocks against foundation
    • Sprinkler system spraying on the structure or close to foundation
    • Roof leaks around plumbing vents or chimney
    • Un-vented gas appliances inside the structure.
    • Clogged air filters preventing the air conditioning from dehumidifying properly
    • Air ducts not insulated
    • Air conditioner is not drained to proper locations