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Call Allen's Air Conditioning, Inc. to schedule your  repair in  AL today!

Why Service Units

Why Does My Unit Need Service? 05/26/16

Often we are asked why the unit needs to be serviced if the filter is changed regularly.

Your air conditioning unit is a complicated machine. It is on standby 24 hours a day to heat, cool, remove moisture, and cleans the air. Any such device requires service in order to perform within the specific ranges for which it is designed.

Most people would not dream of driving their car that is only used for a few hours a day if that much, for years without opening the hood to check things out. Your unit is on standby 24 hours a day to automatically take care of your comfort needs and desires.

By keeping your unit serviced, you are doing your part to assure all parts are working properly and maintained properly. As with any mechanical device, break downs still happen from time to time. If your unit has been maintained properly, locating the problem and repairing the unit is quicker and cost less. A dirty unit does not operate properly and cost more to operate. The refrigerant level must be accurate and proper voltage should be maintained.

It’s All about Airflow

In order for the unit to work properly it must be able to move the correct amount of air flow. A dirty coil or dirty filter restricts airflow, and a dirty blower wheels cannot move enough air. These are common problems we find on maintenance visits, but we do not stop there!

The most important component of your air distribution system, known as the duct system is often overlooked. It needs to be inspected to make sure all ducts are connected, sealed properly and unobstructed. Also the insulation that may have been damaged or fallen should be repaired

Protect your Warranty

Equipment manufacturers have always expressed the need for regular maintenance. Now they are stating it is required to have regular maintenance in order to keep the factory warranty active. It is not uncommon for them to request proof of maintenance from the serving contractor before they honor their warranty.

How Much does it Cost?

Actually when you figure the savings on your power bill with a clean unit it all but covers the yearly fee. When you add in the risk of having to pay for parts that are not covered due to lack of regular maintenance, it’s not hard to see that the value is worth much more than the price paid. Allen’s Maximum Comfort Agreement can make sure you’re covered.