Call Allen's Air Conditioning, Inc. to schedule your  repair in  AL today!
Call Allen's Air Conditioning, Inc. to schedule your  repair in  AL today!

Sales Rep


In Home Sales Rep

Everyone needs air conditioning and heating, and they are interested in reducing energy costs while being more comfortable. We have qualified sales leads from 30 + Years of service.

Our focus on ensuring great customer service assures a continued growth pattern. We want to hire people who are looking for long term careers in customer service and sales. If you’re interested in a career, not just a pay check, then check this out.

  1. You’ll need to juggle lots of tasks, order and track equipment, and work closely with the team to solve tough scheduling problems in order to keep our customers happy.
  2. Attention to detail is critical. We take great pride in making sure every service we provide is 100 percent correct. Hopefully, you help us get better here.
  3. Our customers and your team mates are counting on you to be here everyday. If you’ve ever worked in this type environment, you know how important teamwork and commitment are to personal success.
  4. Our team members enjoy company provided health insurance and exceptional retirement program and more.
  5. We’d like a year or so in a sales position. More importantly though is a commitment to yourself to be as good as you possible can. We’ll help you achieve this goal.

If you are up for the challenge, and this is something you would like to consider, send a 1/2 page write up of something you have accomplished that shows you could be a contributing team member along with your application.