We are biased in favor of our product. You'd probably like to know what users say about it, so here are unsolicited testimonials we've received.

"Allen's technicians are great!  They communicate well to help you understand everything you need to know!"
Stan S 12/21/18
"I appreciated the service I received on a Sunday! I needed help and Allen's served with a smile!"
Jeanette H 12/21/18
"We are saving close to $100 per month on our utility bills and our home feels more comfortable with our new unit from Allen's!"
Jenny C 12/17/18
"We love our new unit! The installers even worked in the rain to take care of us!"
Jeff A 12/10/18
"We are enjoying significant savings on our utility bills with our new unit from Allen's!"
John W 12/03/18
"We appreciate the fast, friendly service we get from Allen's.  We were impressed how fast the technician diagnosed and repaired our unit on a recent service call!"
David T 10/30/18
"We love Allen's!  We tell everyone about them!"
Gail H 10/22/18
"We are loving our new unit.  It's paying for itself.  Your men worked quietly and were "all about business"!
Wade C 02/08/13 
"We have used Allen's for years!  Everyone that has come to our home has been very knowledgeable and trustworthy.  We truly appreciate their service."   Wilson R 01/25/13 

"I went through the TVA program and financed my unit through the power company.  With your new system, my power bills have not changed even with the payment included!  This means that my unit is paying for itself!  Thank you so much!"  Box D 09/10/12 

"Since you installed my new system, my house is more comfortable than ever.  It worked extremely well through the hot summer we had."  Losey M 09/01/12 
"The unit Allen's Air Conditioning, Inc. installed is wonderful.  My utility bills are better than I expected and I am more comfortable than I have ever been!"   Roger B 05/07/12 
"My wife and I are very pleased with our new unit.  The replacment of the flexible duct with metal has made a big difference.  Your men even repaired our dryer vent which has made a huge difference in drying time!  Thanks so much!"  Wright P 03/12/12 
"We were very impressed with the professionalism of the men who installed our unit.  Of course, we expected no less from a solid company like Allen's Air Conditioning, Inc.!"
Mary M  02/24/12 
"The men who installed our unit were very professional.  I would recommend them to anyone!"
Mary H. B  02/24/12 
"Allen's Air Conditioning, Inc. installed my unit last year.  My utility bills have been LOWER and that is including my TVA payment!  My home is also more comfortable than ever!"
Jay B  02/01/12 
"I am saving between $80.00 to $88.00 every month since Allen's installed my Dual Fuel unit.  It was a great investment for me"
Melvin B  12/23/11
"I was very impressed with Allen's crew.  They went over and beyond our expections.  We noticed a difference in our home the very first night!"
Mr. & Mrs. Mike B  10/25/11
"If I had Allen's men at my work place I wouldn't have to worry about anything!  I can't believe how strong of a work ethic they have!"   
Michael L 09/06/11
"We have over 4,000 square feet in our home.  Allen's installed two Infinity Split Heat Pumps February of 2009.  Our utility bill last month was just over $200.00!!!  The units are literally paying for themselves!"
Stan B 07/22/11
"We discovered that we had no cooling in the church building just hours before our Vacation Bible School was to begin!  Allen's sent a professional service technician right away.  He saved the day!  The kids were cool!"
Mike E 07/12/11
"I have never been as comfortable in my home as I am since Allen's installed our new unit.  I was very impressed with their installation professionals.  Not only did they do a great job, they cleaned up after themselves!"
Frank W 07/05/11
"My neighbors and friends are amazed at how quiet our new unit is that Allen's installed.  The next door neighbor is especially impressed!"
Mike M 06/03/11
"I believe you sent the 'best' when you sent Hal to install our new unit!  I was very impressed with him and his workmanship."
Billy R 05/11/11
"I am very happy with my new unit.  I can already tell a big difference in my home"
Bryan K 04/21/11
"We are so glad you told us about your best unit.  Our house is more comfortable than ever, our utility bills are lower than ever, and we can't even hear the unit running!"
Johnnie G 04/03/11

"Allen's installed our Infinity Dual Fuel in January 2009.  Our house is evenly heated and cooling and our utility bills are very low.  The unit is paying for itself"

Ricky L 03/17/11
"I can already tell a big difference in the rooms where you replaced my flexible duct with your metal ductwork! I am planning to replace the rest of my flexible duct system as soon as I can!"
Jim D 03/08/11

"Purchasing my Infinity unit from Allen's is the best move I ever made!"
Doug M 03/07/11

"My new unit is great! You installed my unit last year. I paid the same amount in utility bills as I paid the year before and that includes my TVA Payment and the rising costs of utility rates! I am very happy!"
David B 03/03/11

"THANK YOU for my new gas furnace! It has kept me warmer than my old furnace and the airflow is much more even throughout my home. I am really impressed with your crew. They are very professional!"
Anne O 03/03/11

"My utility bills used to average $450.00. After you installed our two new units, my utility bills are anywhere from $180.00 to $240.00! Thanks!"
George C 03/02/11

"My utility bills are surprising me! I pay much less than I used to and I am more comfortable! You have got to find a way to tell folks how great your systems are!"
Anthony K 02/28/11

"My systems are still doing a marvelous job. I believe the systems are paying for themselves in savings through efficiency. I have told four of my neighbors about you folks and two of them have purchased systems through you. I will continue to do this and will be happy to be a reference for your company."
Stan B 02/25/11

"I used the TVA Financing Program. The payments appear each month on my utility bill. My utility bills are the same as they were before you installed my new unit, but it INCLUDES my payment. I am getting the unit for FREE!"
Craig C 02/25/11

“David Allen seems to be a good man. I enjoyed talking to him and I am now enjoying my new “Infinity” Heat Pump. Your installers did a great job!”
Thurman K 11/17/10

“I am EXTREMELY happy with your company’s service! You always come when we need you and always do a great job. I am very pleased with our new unit.”
Jeff D 10/27/10

“Recently I was asked, “Who is the best Heating & Air Conditioning Company in the Shoals?” … I was happy to tell them that it is Allen’s Air Conditioning! I have saved a lot of money on my utility bill and have been much more comfortable since you installed my new unit. Thanks!”
Charles D 08/03/10

“There is a difference between true craftsmen and “bangers”. “Bangers” just beat stuff into place and craftsmen INSTALL it! I have worked around craftsmen and I know the difference. Your employees are true craftsmen!”
Willis B 10/13/08

“We were very impressed with Allen’s Air Conditioning, Inc. when we purchased our new unit from them. Everyone we met from their company was very professional and exceeded our expectations!”
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth G 09/03/08

“I’ve always known that David Allen was a man of his word. I am very happy with the new unit that I recently had installed.”
Bill A 08/06/08